What would you do if one of your friends or classmates got sick, because of the waste mismanagement?
According to Health Secretary, diseases like hepatitis B and C and other food illnesses would spread in epidemic-proportions if nothing was done about the mountaining garbage in Metro Manila. Same case in here RegSci, it is an eyesore that there are so many scattered trashes everywhere.
It is embarrassing when visitors will come to our school and will notice the improper waste management. That is why we need to change and practice solid waste management. Even though I am just new here in the school, I would like to explain to you why proper solid waste management is so important, and what we need to do about it.
As they say, “CLEAN and GREEN”, but we must also believe that “BEING CLEAN WILL KEEP IT GREEN”.
Segregating garbage properly prevents the chance of getting diseases.
Some of you may say that you are doing the proper waste management in the school, but what if some RegSays fail to do proper waste disposal? As seniors, we should lead our younger brothers and sisters.
To start with being green, we should know how to separate biodegradable to non-biodegradable. We should reduce creating waste. And also reuse things that end up as waste. Proper solid waste helps.

prevent diseases. We can all agree that it is worth the small investment of time to prevent diseases and to keep our surroundings clean.
I may have just stayed here in the school for a short span of time but I am telling you that proper waste solid waste management is important. I am also asking each one of you here that proper waste disposal should be a habit.
It is just a small thing to do that has a great impact. Isn’t that right?


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